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Best answer: > Calls people born in the 20th century (1900s) ignorant > Can't spell "uneducated" correctly

How many schools did you attend?

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I have a big civics test tommorow?

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ok so i need a way to cheat or tips for my civics test tommorow. we are learning about the constitution and admendments so i need hep.

What are the main reasons for this change in growth rate?

Creative Writing Topic?

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Best answer: Is the writing topic specifically about a historic topic? If so, I think you should do a creative piece on the Holocaust. It'd be unique in that the story would not be focusing on the Holocaust survivor, but the story would focus on the Holocaust survivor's grandchildren and how they learn about what their... show more

Best answer: The more developed a nation, the higher the percentage of plastics and paper in the waste stream. The less developed, the higher the percentage of food waste.

Best answer: You have to do this work on your own, Declan, but I can offer you a few professional writing tips. The words you have used to write this question and the follow-up comment are spelled correctly, so that is a good start. Why not make the story about a person who is "lazy" as your comment... show more

Who do you like?

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Best answer: Jeon Jungkook He ❤ --> https://youtu.be/8d0zyzje_9w


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My 15 year old got a detention today for not doing her homework but I want to punish her further at home to make sure she doesn’t do it again. What should I do

Best answer: You do not need math to make a COLLAGE, but it helps. A tutor might help , too. Or repeat the class.

Arson but for people?

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The word for purposely setting fire to property is "arson" What is the word for purposely setting fire to a person? I need this for my English presentation about 1984. Thanks

A. Decrease political corruption B. Add fluoride to city drinking water C. Fund art programs in schools D. Increase activity in downtown business areas

Best answer: 6 weeks. The home owner will be in the roofer's way. For you MATH problem, the home owner completes 1/6 of the roof per day and the roofer completes 1/2 of 3/6t per day. Working together, they theoretically complete 1/6 + 3/6 = 4/6 of 2/3 of the roof per day. That is the same as 1 1/2 days for the full roof.

Best answer: I assume you mean fuel for the Titanic. I was fuelled by coal and burned in 29 boilers which fed steam to 2 triple expansion engines and the low pressure steam coming out of those engines were then fed into a steam turbine which drove the third central propeller shaft.