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Best answer: No, That was the North Vietnamese. They just didn't want yanks in their country.

True False Question 16 Most religious sacred texts are composed of a variety of literary genres True False Question 17 All religious texts are interpreted texts and subject to rules of interpretation. True False Question 18 In Islam, Qur’anic Arabic is not considered a heavenly language. True... show more

I wrote an essay about discrimination towards white people for Speech and Debate, and I m having trouble thinking of a title that fits. For some context, I m basically describing how racism towards white people is definitely a problem/thing, and why it s important. There are a lot of titles for racism, but none... show more

Best answer: Most men in European colonies took native wives due to a lack of European women in the colonies. Europeans had guns. The native tribes had enemies and could always use powerful allies like the Europeans. Often the women were traded away to the Europeans for weapons or luxury items. The native women had little... show more

title UP

Best answer: parallel lines have the same slope. So... first rewrite the given equation into slope intercept form, y=mx+b, where m=slope: 2x - 3y = 7 -3y = -2x + 7 y = (2/3)x - 7/3 now we know that the slope m = 2/3 we don't care about the -7/3 because it is the y-intercept of the given line. We want the y-intercept to be... show more

I say fire. Or more importantly the ability to create and control fire. Somebody might say the wheel. Somebody else might say toilet paper (not joking I do believe TP is one of the greatest inventions, don't know about anyone else but the idea of wiping my butt with leaves or using my hands is just gross, did... show more

Simplify 3√18 - 16/√2 + 50?

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I got 3 different answers. 50 + √2, 3√18 + 34 and 3√18 - 66. What do I do?! I m so confused!