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What was the last video game you played?

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Best answer: I wouldn't. It is not a good thing to own because it can open doors to evil spirits. Even though you may not be playing with it, it is still an occultic object. Just the possession of a evil object can cause damage to the atmosphere of a home. Here is a scripture Deuteronomy 7:26: Do not bring a detestable... show more

What would happen if you won the lottery?

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Well it seems you old religious douchebag Bible bashers want society to ban violently video games because you think they cause people that be violent without any evidence and being proven wrong time and time and time and TIME again. Yet here you are preaching a religion and a book that has made certain people go... show more

What are your favourite Games?👾🕹?

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I want to try vape?

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Best answer: Shouldn't vape at all unless you're trying to stop smoking ciggies. That's what vaping is for. Underage vaping is the reason the FDA is trying to ban all the E-Juice flavors. You definitely shouldn't do anything because "everyone else is doing it." But at the end of the day it's not... show more

Is there any video games based on dreams?

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where ur play as a guy in his own sleeping dream trying to wake up but needs completw tasks in the dream

Is ps4 pro a blu ray player?

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Is anyone there?

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Why is cockfighting considered unethical?

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When it is a sport and a lot of countries abroad practice it. Thoughts?

Which James Bond character personifies 007 to the ultimate?

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Best answer: Pierce Brosnan Craig killed the Bond franchise, turned the series from a mix of action/comedy to a generic dead serious action film.

Should video games be regulated?

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Is the 3DS dead?

4 answers · Video & Online Games · 1 day ago
Best answer: supporting a device and developing games are two different things. Microsoft is still supporting the 360, but have stopped making games and are focusing on Xbox One and the future. but online services are still available for 360, along with backwards compatibility. so in theory, the 3DS may be dead if no more... show more

Specifically, final fantasy 7 , shining force, and pool of radiance and their sequels.

What are the best PS4 Pro games where you play as a woman?

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My girlfriend bought me a PS4 Pro and wants to buy me games, but she says she only wants me to play games where you play as a woman because it's less sexist and she prefers watching them. I didn't think I'd ever be able to afford video games because I've had so many financial responsibilities since... show more

Is minecraft still a good game in 2019?

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Best answer: yes, my freinds and i still play it and we find it super fun :DD