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Best answer: If you're in America, there is the Hyde Amendment. This prohibits tax dollars going for abortions. Unless she's been severely traumatized enough to satisfy male vanity. Rape, she's dying, raped then dying would really get those that get to decide this off like rockets on the Fourth of July.

How good is walking for losing weight?

19 answers · Diet & Fitness · 16 hours ago
Best answer: It's very good and the easiest too.

Do you hate Martin Luther King ?

32 answers · Mental Health · 18 hours ago

How do I become less skinny?

24 answers · Diet & Fitness · 1 day ago

Best answer: Something else that is even more ironic! There are more girls/women that are over weight compared to boys/men also these days!

Didn't you know life sucks then you die?

23 answers · Mental Health · 23 hours ago

How to talk to someone about just how suicidal I am?

7 answers · Mental Health · 10 hours ago
I don t have any friends to talk to and I can t talk to my family .. but I am seeing an occupational therapist every two weeks, but I find it hard to talk .. and I m scared , What happens when u talk about it .. or maybe I shouldn t cos I m not scared f it I wish I would just do it.. I hope I do I just feel alone... show more

I wish i was dead -.-?

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Is this normal for a boy my age?

7 answers · Men's Health · 10 hours ago
So I’m a 13 nearly 14 year old boy and I masturbate nearly every day and my ejacculate isn’t white is that normal for a boy of my age ??

Is it ever ok to tell your girlfriend to loose weight?

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Best answer: me too. very annoyed

Autism caused by poor parenting?

70 answers · Mental Health · 4 days ago
So, I was at Target yesterday, and walking through the toy aisle, I saw a father and his son looking at toys. The father was letting his son pick out a toy, but here's the thing: That "son" was not a toddler, not a young kid, not a teen, but a young man. I decided to go up to the dad and ask him a few... show more

Playing tug of war with a poop, how to get it out?

5 answers · Pain & Pain Management · 22 hours ago
I’m trying to poop but it only comes out a little bit and goes back in my butt. I keep straining but it just ends up hurting, I feel like there’s a suction keeping it from coming out for some reason how can I relieve the pressure

Is it common for people to hate drinking water?

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Does anyone have any stories of hope?

10 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes, the Bible has many stories of hope.

Which matters more, girth or length?

30 answers · Men's Health · 3 days ago

Why are guys constantly horny?

33 answers · Men's Health · 3 days ago