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Best answer: The problem is, you are the only 17yr old, that feels you need to answer text within mere seconds after you receive them. Text, voicemail from missed or ignored calls and email are all forms of communication. Communications that can be answered hours, days or weeks later, unless there is a life or death need... show more

In timed bomb, do you cut the red or the blue wire to diffuse it?

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How to charge my phone in an emergency situation?

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Without a solar charger

Am I the only one who loves CRT TV?

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Best answer: 1991 made zenith color tuber assembled in mejico still has like new vivid color,,using ch 3,disconnecting the chassis speaker w a digital converter,a rabbitears antenna on the window sill w a video line amp ( radio shack),an Rf modulator it runs vids & movies off wifi,w 17 speaker 5 audio receivers, you tube... show more

Best answer: I'm thinking of you now! 😊

When I buy LEDs, should I buy on the basis of watt or lumen ?

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Why am I getting these phone calls ?

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Every so often, I get a phone call . When I answer, I say "Hello !", and nobody at the other end says anything . Some of these phone calls come from inside my state, and some of them come from another state . My cell phone has a caller ID feature which lists all my incoming and outgoing phone calls . When... show more

If yes, are these batteries chargeable with solar panels? And how many 'watts' would 18 car batteries give?

Were iPhones popular in the late 2000s?

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Would you buy a vizio tv ?

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Best answer: Yes

How long does a smartphone last till it literally dies?

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Best answer: You can keep a phone forever and replace chips or battery or screen ect. as they break. The issue is at some point it's so crap it's not even worth fixing.

It should sell more than the original Playstation 1 or about the same with its success in gaming

IPhone or Android?

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Tell me why you like one or the other.

I have a Samsung 5.1 home cinema system. I don't want to degrade the sound, but the system is cracking up, I don't like all the wires, and Christmas is coming. A soundbar with rear wireless speakers would solve the last three issues, but would the sound be better? If not, what alternative set up or brand do... show more

Best answer: CRT TVs are actually beginning to be rejected by thrift stores because there's so much supply and so little demand - pretty much the only people interested in CRTs are gamers who want the ideal vintage gaming experience. It's getting so bad that you can't sell them, you can't give them away, or, in... show more

How can i axis my girl friends camera on her iphone?

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Are people going to see my stuff?

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my phone wont turn on or charge so im returning it. it has some explicit videos and pictures of me on there which i cannot delete without accessing the device (which i cant do anyway) will the company that receives my defective phone see anything?