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And what would be NATO reaction ?

That would be every country v.s. the U.S.

Will the two Koreas ever reunite?

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How is EU different from UN?

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Best answer: EU is a consortium of EUROPEAN countries, focusing on inter-trading. UN is a WORLDWIDE organisation, for WORLD affairs.

In 2016 the DNC openly went against Bernie. And since we figured out their tactic, they hope to be more subtle be having a moron like a “Socialist” like AOC scare Americans away from a real Sociakist like Bernie!

Can turkeys fly?

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Best answer: The American citizens would be scared if this all happened. It's true that China has a terribly fascist type of government, but America can't be picking a fight.

Best answer: How well did occupying Iraq go ? This would not go any better.

Best answer: There is no country in the world that hasn't mistreated some group within it, or committed war crimes, or done something else less than exemplary. That is not excusing the US- we are trying, with a little success, to right the wrongs of the past. I know it isn't fast enough, and we have a lot more work to... show more